The Story, What is Used to Make Our Orgonite and Why?

What is orgonite?
Orgonite is defined as: (in the theory of Wilhelm Reich) a sexual energy or life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored (in an orgone box) for therapeutic use.

Benefits of orgonite:    
- Better sleep and vivid dreams.   
 - More energy.   
 - Balanced moods.   
 - Decreased sensitivity to EMFs.   
 - Spiritual and psychological growth.   
 - Increased resistance to illness (orgonite should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care)A few household item to place orgonite around:- Wifi router/modem
- Refrigerator
 - Microwave oven
- Computers and laptops
- In a pocket or purse
- BedroomWifi radiation is one of the worst things for people while sleeping. 
Be sure to place orgonite around and bedroom for maximum protection!
The Story

Around April 2018, after seeing a fellow truthseeker on social media posting about orgone energy devices, I decided to make my own and gift all the cell towers in my area of Virginia as well as neighboring cities. I started to notice very dramatic changes in the weather and how much better my sleep was getting. From waking up in the early in the afternoon to getting up before sunrise almost everyday, these devices, when made correctly gave very positive results. 
I began to post about these findings on my Instagram account (which at the time had about 15K followers) and my followers started asking about purchasing some of the orgone towerbusters which were being made at the time. It seemed to be a great idea to sell them to others looking for positive energy in their lives. After noticing this could become a small business and many people would be able to experience the benefits of orgonite, I researched the best materials to place in orgonite to make them as powerful as possible. My main goal was to produce enough orgonite so that everyone in Earth could have the positive effects all while educating others on how to make their own orgonite as cheaply as possible while still being powerful so they can gift the cell towers in their area, eventually leading to a day where all cell towers in North America have orgonite placed next to them.

The shop now resides in Oahu, Hawaii. This is a great place for making orgonite as the weather is always warm which makes orgonite easier to make. Hawaii also has the highest concentration of monatomic gold and is also a location of energy vortexes which are in specific spots all around the Earth.  

The main ingredients in the base of all our orgonite pieces now are: Atomized metals (Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Copper), shungite powder, Rochelle salts, Rose Quartz, Selenite and Black tourmaline. Customers, friends and family members were beginning to feel very pleased with their items they had purchased with the new ingredients.

Why are our orgone devices powerful? Most orgone pyramids are made with metal shavings, some quartz crystals and a few other minerals. The problem with this is, metal shavings do not spread out easily throughout the pyramid which leaves a lot of empty space. Atomized metals do however, spread out and take up the entire volume of the piece. Atomized metals are in their purest micron form which allows for maximum surface area coverage throughout the orgone generator. We do however add in metal shavings as a special touch for our pyramids. 

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