8 Sided Orgone Pyramid - Lapis Lazuli Protector Giza - EMF Shield - w/ Lazer Quartz, Topaz, Atomized Metals and More

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Disclaimer: These are HANDMADE ITEMS. They will have small blemishes & bubbles from curing sometimes. Any imperfections will never affect the energy of the generator.
Please do not expect perfection! Every generator is unique and cures uniquely.

Why are our orgone devices powerful? Most orgone pyramids are made with metal shavings, some quartz crystals and a few minerals. The problem with this is, metal shavings do not spread out easily throughout the pyramid which leaves a lot of empty space. Atomized metals, which are included in our pyramids do however, spread out and take up the entire volume of the piece. Atomized metals are in their purest and most conductive form which allows for maximum surface area coverage and maximum energy output throughout the orgone generator. We do however add in metal shavings as a special touch for our pyramids.

Just below is more info on the crystals and minerals we use which, when combined with atomized metals, will allow for the highest orgone conductivity possible. There is also info below about our crystal cleansing and charging process.

As far as crystals and minerals are concerned, quartz is also not always the best crystal to place in orgone by itself. We include rochelle salts which are some of the highest piezoelectric minerals that exist along with grey tourmaline. These are much more powerful than quartz!

We also include shungite powder which is known for its EMF protection properties. Powdered shungite is the best way to go because similar to atomized metals, it spreads throughout the whole piece leaving no empty space. Placing shungite powder, rochelle salts and tourmaline powder inside an orgone piece will complement a quartz crystal very well, however quartz is not necessarily needed. The resin, once hardened, will squeeze everything inside very evenly and produce a massive piezoelectric effect outside the pyramid!

Contents of the pyramid:

1st Layer: Copper wrapped Lazer Quartz, tumbled Lapis Lazuli, black tourmaline

2nd Layer: Atomized copper, black iron oxide, black tourmaline powder, shungite powder, Rochelle salts, quartz sand, selenite

3rd Layer: Atomized steel brass and copper, Rochelle salts, selenite, Shungite powder, and Ocean blue, Pearl white and lush green mica powders

Base layer: 432Hz orgone matrix: Atomized metals (brass, copper, steel, zinc), black and red iron oxide, monatomic gold, 24K gold, black tourmaline powder, white gold, shungite powder, Rochelle salts, quartz sand, brass shavings, selenite, seaside Blue mica

Monatomic gold is a very powerful elixir with DNA healing benefits which makes it an extremely powerful ingredient in 8 sided orgone pyramids.

Shungite is a known crystal for promoting balance in life with quartz being an all around “master-healer.”
Place the device around your home or in a busy room to maximize the effects of the orgone energy. Place next to a wifi router or areas of high radiation to allow for protection.

Crystal cleansing and charging process: Before being used, all crystals and stones are charged in a bucket of water and left to sit in sunlight during the day. We then play healing tones through speakers to allow the crystals to soak up the vibrations. After this process, the stones then go into our orgone devices. We believe it is important to have this process as well as putting many different materials into our orgone. These devices are NOT made cheap and NOT mass produced. These are high quality FUNCTIONAL orgone devices. If you are looking for something that is unique, made with love and not mass produced, you have found the right store.

After receiving any orgone product, it should be left to sit outside in the sunlight for around an hour. This will charge the orgone to the owner's frequency.

Dimensions (may vary slightly as the pyramids are hand-made):

Width: 4.6 in
Height: 3.5 in
Orgone is defined as: (in the theory of Wilhelm Reich) a sexual energy or life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored (in an orgone box) for therapeutic use.

Benefits of orgone

- Better sleep and vivid dreams.
- More energy.
- Balanced moods.
- Decreased sensitivity to EMFs.
- Spiritual and psychological growth.
- Increased resistance to illness (orgone should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care)
A few household items to place orgone around:
- Wifi router/modem
- Refrigerator
- Microwave oven
- Computers and laptops
- In a pocket or purse
- Bedroom
Wifi radiation is one of the worst things for people while sleeping. Be sure to place orgone around and bedroom for maximum protection!

Thank you :)

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