Orgone DIY Tower Buster Kit with Atomized Metals Shungite, Quartz Sands, Piezoelectric Minerals and More for Home EMF Protection


Powerful orgone materials in a small sized kit from 432HzOrgone! This kit will allow anyone to make super powerful orgone devices without having to purchase all the ingredients necessary to do so.

Note: the item you will receive is a small bag of orgone materials as seen in the photos.

This is not an average orgone DIY kit. The materials in this kit are made up of the highest quality atomized metals and the highest pizeoelectric minerals that exist on Earth for maximum orgone energy output!

Most towerbusters are made with metal shavings and a small quartz crystal. The problem with this, metal shavings do not spread out easily throughout the tower buster. Atomized metals do however, do spread out and take up the entire volume of an orgone piece.

Quartz is also not the best crystal to place in orgone by itself. Rochelle salts are one of the highest piezoelectric minerals that exists. Shungite is also known for it EMF protection properties. Powdered shungite is the best way to go because again, it spreads out through the whole piece leaving no area empty. Placing shungite powder and rochelle salts inside an orgone piece will complement a quartz crystal very well however, quartz is not necessarily needed. The resin, once hardened, will produce a massive piezoelectric effect inside the tower buster!


The ingredients are a mixture of what I personally use in all my orgone devices. It’s a mixture of Atomized Metals, iron oxides, minerals, sands, crystals, and piezoelectric minerals.

How to:

I also have a short tutorial on my Instagram account @432hzorgone

The resin will need to be purchased by the buyer. In my experience, fiberglass resin is the best resin when using metal muffin pan molds. I have used epoxy numerous times with metal molds and the tower busters never end up coming out and become trapped inside. Silicone or plastic molds are best with epoxy.

1 Quart of Bondo fiberglass resin ($15 USD) from Home Depot or Lowe's is roughly enough to make 10 -15 large towerbusters. A gallon of resin ($38 USD) can also be bought as well. My recommendation is to purchase muffin molds that are small in size. This way, a larger quantity of tower busters can be made and thus more can be scattered around the house or gifted to towers and people.

Once received, take the mixture and shake it around to make sure all ingredients are evenly distributed. For every cup of resin, dump in about 2-3 TBs of the mixture. As for the hardener, the manufacturer includes how much hardener to use. In my experience, using about 40-45 drops of hardener for every cup of resin is perfect. It does not have to be exact. The outside temperature does not matter too much for towerbusters. I have made towerbusters just this winter in sub 20 degree F weather before and within 24 hours the tower busters were hardened.

Make sure to mix everything very well. Mix longer than you think you need to. If you do not, the tower busters may come out with defects. Be sure to mix for about 5 mins and even longer if you're intuition says so.

After they have completely hardened for around 12-24 hours, take a towel and place it on the ground and lightly smack the muffin molds on the towel and the towerbusters should pop right out. If using silicone molds, they will be manually taken out.

Epoxy resin can also be used. Simply use the epoxy 1:1 ratio as the manufacturer suggests and the process is the same. IMPORTANT: if using epoxy, you MUST use a silicone muffin mold. If you use a metal muffin pan, the epoxy will get stuck inside.

Keep one with you at all times to maximize benefits. Use them in the home as well. Place them next to a wifi router and in each main room of the house to purify the air and rid the house of negative energy.

Orgone energy is defined as: (in the theory of Wilhelm Reich) a sexual energy or life force distributed throughout the universe that can be collected and stored (in an orgone box) for therapeutic use.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any property damages and/or injuries caused by our products. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason — We will replace or refund your order.

Benefits of orgone energy

- Better sleep and vivid dreams.
- More energy.
- Balanced moods.
- Decreased sensitivity to EMFs.
- Spiritual and psychological growth.
- Increased resistance to illness (orgone energy should never be used as a substitute for professional medical care)
A few household items to place orgone around:
-​Wifi router/modem
-​Microwave oven
-​Computers and laptops
-​In a pocket or purse
Wifi radiation is one of the worst things for people while sleeping. Be sure to place orgone devices around and bedroom for maximum protection!

Thank you :)

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Shipped fast and is so helpful and convenient for getting started! It was more of a brown shade than I expected It to be based on photos, but very grateful for it!

Shipping was super fast, packaged well and is a good amount for the price. Makes getting started very easy. Looking forward to ordering a large piece soon! Thank you!

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